Terms of use

1Elite-Chefs is a recruitment agency specialising in the placement of professional chefs for the private sector. We forward our suggested candidates to the client, representative and/or agent and it is understood by all parties that any contract or agreement entered into after introduction remains the sole responsibility of the client. 
.The provision of this service is subject to the written acceptance (by email) of the terms and conditions herein. By entering into an exchange of 3rd party information with us the client is deemed to have accepted these terms. 
.Although all efforts are made by us to Interview and verify details, qualifications and references of individual chefs we strongly recommend the Client conducts his own investigations before entering into any employment agreement 
Any information or documentation a client receives pertaining to chefs introduced by us (including but not limited to CV’s, qualifications contact details etc.) is for the sole use of the client and must not be disclosed to any third parties without our express agreement and approval in writing. Any information shared or distributed without this approval will be viewed as a selection made and an invoice will be submitted to the original recipient for payment.

 Fee Policy 
The provision of service will be subject to the payment of an appropriate fee details as follows: Villas Estates ( on application subject to location, terms of employment, period of employment)
Permanent selections – billed as a flat rate: 
  • Motor Yachts/ Sailing Vessels Vessels up to 40m 2500 Euro 
  • Vessels 40m and above 3500 Euro 
  • Temporary selections – 20% of the total salary for time(s) employed. Subject to a minimum of 300 Euros up to full placement fee. 1. 
  • Other crew/staff – while it is understood we deal mainly with Chefs we are occasionally asked to search for/put forward candidates for other posts. Placement of these crewmembers or staff will be invoiced at 50% of the monthly starting salary. Or as above for temporary positions..
Should the client have already obtained information on a chef put forward by us from another source they should inform us immediately (within the first 24 hrs). 
.We reserve the right to claim the selection and any applicable fee should the client decide to use the information/documentation supplied by us in favour of any other source. 
Should any Candidate from Elite-Chefs suggested selection be employed directly by the same client (with or without our involvement) within a period of six (6) months from the date of the original exchange of information the client will be charged the applicable fee 
.Payment Policy Due to new E.U. laws, we cannot accept cash payments of over €2.500. 
Payment due on all invoices 30 days from start date of the candidate 7.Unless credit is already established, the clients full credit card details will be required in advance of a selection. Payment will only be charged on the 35th day if full payment has not been received in accordance with clause 1 above 
All selections are subject to IVA charged at 21%